Without fail, every year my birthday has landed on the week of Spring Break. Pretty cool, especially since it worked out for me when I wanted to go on vacation as I got older for my birthday present! I had spent my Spring Break on the beautiful island of Maui. My original plan was to go to Florida with my best friend and her family, but at the last minute, her mom (shoutout to Mama Maria) had to go to a work conference in Hawaii (rough life)! I was still a rookie and my blog was just taking off. Here I am, two year later, writing a blog post for all of you of the Ultimate Travel Guide to Maui:


  • Road to Hana – Completely free, but make sure you start your day EARLY. It is a long journey and it is so important to stop at all of the beautiful views and pools/waterfalls. Have cash, water, snacks, beach towels, and hand wipes ready in the car! The dive and hike is a long journey, be prepared to stop at the halfway rest point for some authentic Hawaiian dishes to fill up your tummies!
  • Visit ALL of the beaches – Kaanapali Beach, Napili Beach, Wailea Beach, Waianapanapa State Park (black sand beach)
  • Take a surfing class!
  • Bring a pair of nice goggles, my favorite moments in Hawaii was being able to see the beautiful ocean and swim next to a sea turtle!
  • Buy tickets to attend a luau – SO FUN. Amazing dancers and entertainment and a HUGE feast.
  • Cliff jumping – I am completely forgot where I went cliff jumping but I know it was one of the first things I did when I touched foot on the sand.
  • Drive to the the Haleakala Summit  – MUST SEE for BOTH sunrise and sunset. The most incredible experience to watch thousands of feet up in the air.
  • Learn how to hula dance – Free lessons here!
  • Go whale watching – Typical of me to have a full memory card and deleting pictures while I was on the boat and then BAM, a whale breaches right in front of our eyes and I didn’t get it on footage.



Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 8.38.29 PM





  • Airbnb (your cheapest and best bet)
  • Rent out condo
  • Do your research on what hotels to stay in


  • Pack smart: sneakers, gym clothes, swim suits, SUN SCREEN, cute clothes for a night out in the town, light jacket, ETC.
  • Rent a car!
  • Lahaina had THE cutest shops and boutiques for shopping
  • Purchase an underwater film camera (sadly, when I got them developed, I took too long to pick them up and the Walmart Photo Department had thrown them away)
  • Try the Poke Bowls! A raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course
  • Spend less money on where you’re staying and more on activities
  • Get up early to enjoy the peace and serenity that Hawaii has to offer
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or directions. These are some of the most humbled and nicest people I have EVER met

Safe travels, loves!

Mahalo to Hamilton family for taking me in and celebrating a wonderful 19 years of life with me! It feels like just yesterday our flight was cancelled and we slept on the floors of the San Francisco Airport to catch our connecting flight the next day. 😂 Enjoy the video that Trace Hamilton had vlogged while we were there!

xoxo — Bree

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