Self Love


February seems to revolve around Valentine’s Day and mushy couples. That may not always be the case. As I grow older I start to realize the importance of loving yourself. The beautiful quote above is written by the very talented, Rupi Kaur, from her most recent book Milk and Honey.

I have done some research on an article that is written by Samual Leighton-Dore. 8 steps you need to take in order to love yourself first:

  1. Stop caring about how you look
  2. Let go
  3. Win yourself over
  4. Don’t compare yourself
  5. Build strong friendships
  6. Get healthy
  7. Travel alone
  8. Know what you deserve

Some of these things are easier said than done but I believe that the most important of these steps is ‘Know what you deserve.’ Eliminating negative energy and people in your life is a good way to put this step into perspective. You deserve the best. You deserve happiness. You owe yourself that, in order to love yourself first.

To this day, many people put up a fight between themselves and depression, anxiety, etc. These people who have these ‘disorders’ find it difficult at times to know what it is like to be found. You were placed here on earth because God gave you a purpose to be here. There are 7 billion people on this planet and you happen to be ONE of those 7 million. We all of our certain strengths and weakness, goals and ambitions, likes and dislikes.

You have to be able to figure out all these characteristics and put yourself first before you can love anyone else. It is okay to be selfish and put yourself above all. I challenge you to love yourself first.

xoxo — Bree

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