Here’s to 20


For those of you who don’t know me very well, my birthday is coming up. Mach 24, to be exact! Every year on my birthday, since before I could remember, I would give myself a “goal” to reach. Well I would like to think that TWENTY is a completely different becoming of a new age. You are no longer a “teen” yet you are still at the age where drinking alcohol legally is still one more year away. It is still some sort of an accomplishment, making it to twenty and what not. Because I am an Aries baby, I would like to believe that I am very courageous, optimistic, honest, and passionate. I am most passionate about my work/school, friends, my significant other/best friend, and my family.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone that made it into my twenties. I would like to think that I have quite a long way before my twenties. I definitely never thought I would be where I am today. I have so many more exciting years and memories that have yet to come. I am actually in the process of turning in an application to study abroad for my fall semester of 2017. Traveling is something that gives me such a high on life and is something I would love to do more of in my twenties.

(brief) bucket list dedicated to my twenties:

1. Study abroad in Europe
2. Go to all 50 states
3. Have an ideal golden birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada (24 years old)
4. Live in California & New York
5. Visit a continent I have never been to (have already been to Asia, Australia, and will be going to Europe)
6. Attend Fashion Week (preferably in all Milan, Paris, and New York)
7. Have my dream job (Fashion Director for a  magazine)
8. Speak ‘Tagalog’ fluently
9. Be a proud owner of a Pomeranian puppy
10. Be married by 30

I set some high goals and very high expectations for myself. Let’s just say that I love a good challenge and I would like to reach as many life goals and opportunities before life starts to catch up to me and slows me down before I “settle” and have a family of my own. Life truly is moving so fast, it is hard to believe that I am half way done with my college experience and have to move on to bigger and better things in the real world. When I was little, I remember wanting to be grow up and be a teenager and now here I am, about to step away and say good-bye to my teenaged years and saying hello to adulthood.

The life that God had given me is truly a blessing and I cannot be more thankful the people, places, and opportunities in my life that has come my way. Here’s to twenty and many more youthful years of adventure.

xoxo — Bree

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