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Happy summer fashion lovers! This summer I have been truly blessed with amazing friends and family to spend it with, to be given the opportunity to travel to Australia, a summer internship with College Fashionista, and a chance to make new connections with new people. We all know how important networking is! Luckily, I have made many connections with people over this past year. From photography, to food, marketing/business, music, and (my favorite) hair/make up! AJ is a good family friend of mine. I was very privileged and honored to be apart of her portfolio.

AJ is a full-time nurse and uses this talent as a hobby and now a side job. I discovered her talent a few years back. Just last year, she was able to do my hair and make up for my cotillion and I absolutely fell in love with it! I had asked AJ a few questions during our mini make up/photoshoot session:
What got you first started on wanting to do hair and make up?
“As far as I know, I have always been into makeup since I was two. I started stealing my mom’s lipstick. Especially when I would hide upstairs and put it on when my mom was downstairs. I have always loved colors and the different styles of makeup on different people. It’s all about creativity and variety which is inspiring to me… And most of all fun!! With hair, I really started doing it about three years ago. If you ask me, yes I’m much more comfortable with makeup, but with hair I learned to challenge myself even though it was harder for me to do. Like when someone asked me to do braids years ago, I seriously would freak out and did not want to do them because I sucked at them! But I have practiced and I was so willing to do it, so now I love it if someone asks me to do it for them!”

Who inspires your makeup and hair art work?
“Inspiration for makeup and hair comes from everywhere and anyone! As I said earlier, I love a variety of makeup – natural, costume makeup, heavy makeup… Anything! You name it! There are artists that I do enjoy looking at their work like dressyourface, mario dedivanovic, nikkietutorials, jeffreestar, and Patrick Ta. For hair artists/stylists I really like Hair and Makeup by Steph, Guy Tang, and Heidi Marie Villa. What I like about all these artists is, not only are they talented, but they empower each other and support one another, it’s so awesome!”

What made you want to turn this talented hobby into a small business?
“It’s honestly all the people who have referred, requested, and had confidence in me to do their hair and makeup. I seriously did not ever think I would ever do this at all! It was totally unexpected! It all started with one person having me do their homecoming three years ago and now I’m off doing different types of events almost every weekend, it’s really amazing. It is also fun because it gives me such a lift of excitement and happiness from my nursing job that I do on the weekdays. Because of all of you who supported me, I am so inspired in doing makeup and hair, and that it is really apart of me now and I want to continue to grow to get better and be more creative so people will also be inspired and be confident in me always!”

 hair/make up artist: Arielle Azarias
hair/make up artist: Arielle Azarias

AJ’s style of make up varies from natural to glitz and glam. The pictures below are a sneak peak of the start to her new “project.” I was honored to be apart of it! She has done work for prom/homecoming dances, weddings, cotillions, and many more events. Please contact AJ for inquiries! Tap through the pictures below to scroll through.





Instagram: @ajabeauty
e-mail: ariellejazarias@yahoo.com

xoxo — Bree

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