FIVE Health + Fitness Habits to Live By


 Photography:  Nico Sirridge
Photography: Nico Sirridge

Good health and fitness has always been apart of my lifestyle, especially growing up as a club volleyball player. However, younger years call for fast metabolism and being so physically active without even realizing it. As we grow older I begin to realize that our bodies are constantly changing and it did not come until just recently to my attention, in 2015, the start of my “fitness journey.” This was the beginning of my college education and when I first discovered the Fitness Body Guides by Anna Victoria. With that being said, here are FIVE  health and fitness habits I live by and hope you all can incorporate with your daily lives.

  1. Routine: The Fitness Body Guide is a workout and plan I had purchased because I was interested in bettering, not just my physical health, but mental health. I am not here to tell you to go ahead and purchase a workout and meal plan. Purchasing this guide has taught me that getting into a routine is apart of the lifestyle. It is a known fact that it only takes 14 days to change your habits.
  2. Prioritize Time: Being a full-time student and part-time worker and still trying to put time aside for my social life, where do you put time to stay active? Set yourself up for success, even if it means starting your day a LITTLE bit earlier to get that morning cardio in for 20 minutes and even completing your muscle focused workout at a different time of your day.
  3. Cheat Meals: Eating clean can be fun but sometimes expensive. Especially if you are purchasing bunch of vegetables and fruit for yourself and having it rot and go to waste. I am all for a good burger but I am also down for some fresh sushi. My cravings can take a toll on me, especially depending on my mood but the truth is the key is portion control. A cheat meal will not effect your size the way you think it will. Personally when I know I have big dinner plans with some friends at the end of the week, I tend eat cleaner at the beginning of the week to treat myself to that delicious cheat meal.
  4. Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking water is very important. Personally I love to add lemons in my water to cleanse my body. I always carry around my Swell water bottle with me in my purse. For my height and weight, I try and drink around 3-4 refills of my 16 oz water bottle. Not only does water keep you hydrated but it also helps eliminate toxins out of your body.
  5. Treat Yourself: After working hard in terms of a good workout or see myself eating well for a consistent amount of time I like to browse the racks of TjMaxx or any sportswear store and buy myself a cute pair of workout clothes or even a pair of Nike shoes. There’s nothing better than getting a good workout in and looking cute in it at the same time!

My favorite places to shop for athletic wear: TjMaxx, Lorna Jane, Fabletics, Nike, and Lululemon

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xoxo — Bree

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