Ah Paris, what a quick three day trip that FLEW by. Words cannot describe how beautiful this trip was to experience with such wonderful people. Country #5 and my passport is finally filling up with so many stamps, makes my heart happy. I never realized how traveling is so good for the soul and how much I have grown up and have gained a new level of independence.


  • Eiffel Tower: Highly recommend doing the tour all the way to the top, it was only €12.50 with your student discount! definitely something to see in the morning AND at night. Fun fact: the Eiffel Tower sparkles the start of every hour for five minutes
  • The Lourve: Beautiful architecture, and of course take the typical touristy picture holding the point of the Louve. Unfortunately we had no time in our day to tour the museum of the Louve but I highly recommend going in and buy tickets online the day before to avoid lines!
  • The Trocadero: The BEST spot to take pictures with the Eiffel Tower. This also is the best place to see the views of Paris. Unbelievable pictures and even more unbelievable views.
  • Versailles: Take a quick trip on the train from Paris to Versailles. Experience the history and culture that the French have to offer.
  • Notre-Dame: Towering, 13th-century cathedral with flying buttresses & gargoyles, setting for Hugo’s novel.
  • Arc de Triomphe: Famed 19th-century cabaret featuring Belle Epoque decor, dinner & dancers in elaborate costumes.
  • Moulin Rouge: Famed 19th-century cabaret featuring Belle Epoque decor, dinner & dancers in elaborate costumes.





  • Take the Eurostar! Being in London made me life easier when it came down to traveling to Paris. The Eurostar is a train that only takes two hours to get to Paris, and goes under the English Channel for only 20 minutes! How cool right? It was only around £100 and the process of traveling is less stressful than getting to an airport. They also allow two luggages to bring with you, and by being a girl obviously the more space we have, the better.
  • Shopping advice: I finally bought my first Longchamp purse while I was in Paris. They were originated in France and I got the best deal by purchasing my bag for only €80. I will link the color to the bag I had bought.
  • Laduree is the best place in Paris to buy macaroons. I am not even a huge fan of macaroons but it is safe to say that Paris had some delicious ones.
  • Use the train to get around! Being a city girl in Chicago, working the public transportation is a breeze (especially trying to navigate the complicated train lines of London). Paris train system was easy to navigate, especially with the help of Google Maps. Try to AVOID hop-on hop-off buses and do your own thing, you are wasting your money and it is more fun to do things yourself. Yes it does involve a little more walking but the all day Metro fares in France were only €1.90. Save those little tickets of yours to use for the  day and explore the streets of France. All of the train stops, stop right by all the tourist sites. You are saving yourself way more money.
  • Download the Google Translate app on your phone. There is a saying that the French are “rude…” The French do not rely on English to communicate with others.



Safe travels, loves!

xoxo — Bree

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