FIVE Tips: Dying Your Hair for the FIRST Time


Yes, you totally did hear me LOUD and CLEAR. This was the first time ever that I have dyed my hair. Ever since I was little, my mom and my dad could never stop putting emphasis on being blessed with my dark brown and long hair with natural light brown highlights that appear during the warmer weather days, when the sun is shining! Yes, my hair was virgin and untouched for 21 years. I have had a little bit of trims here and there and chopped my hair to my shoulders when I graduated high school.

Growing up my mom, family, and friends were always experimenting and trying new hairstyles. I was always so into my long hair and didn’t want anything else more. My curiosity grew throughout college, considering I go to an art school and study Fashion! My love for makeup and beauty grew and I have always been interested what I would look with a splash of color in my hair. As you can see, this plan has been thought out for quite sometime and I wanted to change it up before I go into my senior year of college! So if you have untouched/virgin hair and are looking for some change in your life, here are FIVE tips on dying your hair for the FIRST time:

  1. Look for haircut and color inspiration: Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, etc. I found my hair inspo in Pinterest! I purposely chose a balayage hair style because I wanted my original hair color in my roots. The bottom color of my hair can ALWAYS grow out. I wanted a subtle look but you can still tell where I changed it!
  2. Pick a hair stylist that you KNOW and TRUST. My cousin, Rhea, has owned her own salon for years and I am absolutely obsessed with her work. I knew I would be in good hands and she was take her time and make me look PERFECT.
  3. Be knowledgable on your hair products. Now that my soft hair has been touched with some bleach, it could lead to some damage and make my hair a little dry. Which I am perfectly okay with because it was so slick from the start that my curls would NEVER hold. BUT I do want to keep my hair healthy and shiny!
  4. Take BEFORE and AFTER pictures! Rhea and I got carried away and took a before picture when she was halfway done cutting my hair 😂 The pictures below are a week apart! Close enough, right?

Rhea and I were a little too excited when I stepped foot into her salon that we completely forgot to take before and after pictures! So below are pictures that are a week apart from each other. Change feels so good, and I am obsessed with my hair and more than content with how my hair turned out!  Book your appointment with Etherheal Beauty TODAY: click here for more info!


photo credits: Ashlee O’Neil


photo credits: Rhea Policarpio

xoxo — Bree

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