A Letter to Those in Their Early Twenties

Dear twenty-something-year-olds, 

The first and most important thing for me to say is, it is okay to be confused. I remember when I was growing up and always thought I would be married by 25-years-old and maybe have kids, three to five years down the road. Well that was a FUNNY joke!? Today, here I stand as a 21-year-old — just a year shy of graduating COLLEGE, confused on where I want to live in the next year, dealing with boy and friendship troubles, and handling way more stress that someone my age could even think they could take. Not to mention — work two jobs, make enough money to help out my parents pay the bills, attempt to have a well balanced diet, have time to workout on the daily, make room for a social life, keep up with my studies, find time to be creative with my blog and portfolio..the list honestly goes on, but where does it stop?

They say that college is the best years of your life. Definitely a debatable subject because I can tell you from my experience, that college has been probably the worst and best years of my life. Lots of soul searching, taking that leap of faith and move to the other side of the world, experiencing the pain from a death of a close friend and also my grandmother, gaining and losing friendships and so much more. God has a funny way of showing you how he cares about you and not to mention throw some obstacles in your way.

Always remember that you are NOT alone. We are all struggling (in some way, shape, or form) to make these important decisions that can impact the rest of our lives. In today’s society, everyone’s lives are portrayed “perfectly” on social media. I hate to break it to you guys but those people put up a front and make it seem like they live great lives. I am guilty of taking part in these acts, but who isn’t?

Moving on to real life problems and issues. These are the years where we are trying to find ourselves, figure out what career path you’re going down, finding “the one” you want to be with, and realizing who your real friends are and who are here to stay. I am here to say that, we are all going through this. Life seems so scary right now and even though I am curious as to what my future is going to be like, I do wish that life would slow down.

To all of you reading this and can relate to this letter, my biggest piece of advice is:

  1. Stay true to yourself
  2. Don’t settle for less
  3. Be with that person you love
  4. Take that trip or vacation that you need
  5. It is okay to put your happiness first over others
  6. Set time in your busy schedules to have a day to yourself, friends, and family
  7. Life can get stressful: take a step back and try to find the good in every situation
  8. Manifest and be optimistic about your life
  9. Don’t give up on your goals
  10. Trust God’s plan and process for you

xoxo — Bree

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