The Ultimate Blogger Checklist for Beginners

Hi everyone! Many of you know that I had interned for The Windy City Blogger Collective.  I was able to work along side with Kit Graham, who is a Food and Travel blogger. I absolutely adore Kit and it was always in her best interest to have me keep learning. I can be 100% honest that I have never learned so much in just four short months. In that period of time, I was inspired to clean up my blog and learn that blogging full-time is a lot more work than people actually give it credit.

From what I learned through my internship, reading other blogs, and tuning into Blogging Webinars I can share with you all what you should really be asking yourselves before posting a blog. If you are serious about dedicating your free time to writing to see what it takes to be a blogger you should definitely read the Ultimate Blogger Checklist for Beginners:

  • Is your blog on WordPress? Word press is SEO friendly and will help your blog posts rank on Google.
  • Is your post over 300 words? If you are writing a blog post that you would like to be shareable and go viral, Google likes it if you are writing over 300 words.
  • Who is taking your pictures/what are you taking your pictures on? I love when my pictures are clean and crisp. I also getting brownie points because my best friend and roommate is a photographer, and an amazing one! Being a college student, I usually compensate her work with dinner 😂 Another option is to collaborate with other bloggers! My good friend, Cecilia Papas, and I will spend the day to catch up and always use our time to take pictures for each other!
  • Does your feed look like it all belongs together/aesthetically pleasing? Most photographers like to edit their pictures and prefer to not to let them be touched. But because I have a specific color hue to my feed, Lauren lets me edit them the way I like it. You can read about How I Edit my Photos here!
  • How consistent are you at posting a blog? A good goal to reach one you are in the swing of your website is probably once a week! My goal is to at least be posting twice a week! Coming up with content can be difficult but once it comes to you, write your life away.
  • Do you have a graphic on your featured photo you are using? I like to create a graphic on my featured photos on my website so I can watermark it, that way no one can use my photos without credit. I create my graphics through Canva! Canva is a completely free subscription, so take FULL advantage of it.
  • After uploading your blog: did you share it on Instagram, Facebook page, and pin it to Pinterest? After going to a blogger conference this year with Kit, I had learned that Pinterest is going to be your BEST FRIEND. Pinning to your board with your blog link attached will help make your post re-sharable!

xoxo — Bree

P. S.  You can find the outfit I am wearing in my picture, here!

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