YES, this was my first year ever to go to a music festival! My first one I have ever been to was earlier in June at Spring Awakening, BUT this was my first Lollapalooza EVER. Let me tell you, it was SO fun and I cannot how AMAZING all the artists were (especially Bruno Mars). I only had gone one day this year and my body feels so beat from being in the sun all day long. Luckily I was able to stay cool enough during the day with this airy outfit! My best advice to anyone who has never been or is going for the rest of this weekend is:

  • stay hydrated
  • remember to eat
  • bring a portable charger
  • wear sunscreen
  • don’t lose your buddy
  • the more glitter the better

xoxo — Bree


orange top: Zara | denim skirt: Forever 21 | sunglasses: Ray Bans | sandals: maurices