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I was so excited when I got the email for this collaboration. I’ve been wanting to step outside the skincare element and go into hair! I have always had slick and long dark brown hair. Obviously most of you know know I just dyed and chopped my hair for the first time ever this past summer. I was hoping the dying it a little lighter would dry out my hair to hold more curl. I LOVE curling my hair, my hair is slick straight and I don’t have to do much but air dry it if I’m getting ready for the day and don’t want to do much to it. This is a GREAT company to buy from if you are very specific to your haircare routine!

What is Formulate?

Formulate is a haircare company based out of California. Their products are made by chemists to evaluate the customized formula for your hair!

How much does it cost?

$60 for both shampoo & conditioner.  Breaks down to $10 / month for half the year!

How long does a bottle last?

6 month supply bottle! This company does NOT mess around.

Where do I sign up?

Take your quiz and join their customized haircare journey, here!

photo credits: Esther Onate

I love the way my hair feels and that I can go at least more than two days without washing my hair! It’s actually good for your hair to NOT be washed every day, natural oils are OKAY to soak up in your scalp to promote hair growth. Formulate’s purpose is to encourage and spread positivity in our seemingly negative world. Join the self-care movement!


xoxo — Bree

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