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I am a sucker for Christmas and spreading holiday cheer. Yes, I play Christmas music as soon as it is November.. Just last week, my roommate and I had decorated our entire apartment (shoutout to Target)! Getting into the Christmas spirit is definitely getting me through the rest of this school semester. Every year I always try to make my gifts meaningful for all my family members, especially for my parents.. My mom and dad’s birthdays fall during the Christmas season, so I always just double up on their presents as one. I was having some difficulties thinking of what to get them this year so I thought asking around and making this holiday guide would help myself to brainstorm and for all of you to start shopping for your loved ones.


Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - moms

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What in the world would we do without moms!? Every year I’m stumped during the holidays and Mother’s Day. My mom so easy to please. How do you decide what to give to your mother when she has literally given you the WORLD!? I know that this year my mom mentioned a choker-like necklace on her wish list, Kendra Scott necklaces are so dainty, simple and very moderately priced. Moms will forever be thankful for jewelry.

Holiday Gift Guide - dad

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I feel like boys are so easy to shop for but also I feel like shopping for dads can be very difficult. Like I said earlier, I like to give gifts that are meaningful and last a long time. Last year, I purchased a Fitbit for my dad and of course they come out with an updated (and much cooloer) version months later! My dad loves when I play dress up for him and pick out his clothes. You can never go wrong to purchase simple accessories to add to a man’s wardrobe.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - myself

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To any of my friends or members of my family reading this post. Hehe. Hi there! The other day I was asked “What are you asking for Christmas?” Every year it gets harder and harder to think of things to ask for. Although Christmas is not about presents, you know you are getting older when you think of more practical and useful things to ask for. This wish list are definitely things I have been wanting to get myself for a while now but haven’t had the time or money to get them for myself (since I’m saving for the holidays and for my spring break trip coming up)!

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