How to Plan Your Spring Break Trip


I can’t believe spring break is just around the corner, not to mention my last spring break EVER!? I was always very grateful being an Aries baby. My birthday ALWAYS fell during the week of spring break, ever since I was in grade school, until now. I was always able to celebrate another year around the sun in a new and exciting place. So far, nothing will top off my 19th birthday in Hawaii…cliff jumping, swimming with sea turtles, and exploring the island of Maui. BUT this year, I will be spending spring break with three of my best gal pals in the dreamy town of Charleston, South Carolina!

Yes, this is any blogger’s paradise. I will be happy to any recommendations of places to-go and activities to-do, as we start to plan out our itinerary for the week. I don’t really care to go out and drink my vacation away. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out and have a good time but every time that has happened on vacation, I hated my life the next morning. (LOL) I am very thankful that I will be exploring this new city with people who genuinely want to remember this trip and make memories. I was blessed with a group of friends who doesn’t easily give into ‘peer pressure.’

spring break - bue line
photo credits: Lauren Nieves

Do your research: Ask yourself, what’s your budget like? What kind of trip are you looking for — R&R or all-inclusive drinks + food? Have you been to this place before? Who are you taking? Thankfully, my girls and I aren’t too big on drinking heavily. This is going to be a much-needed relaxing vacation from school.

Pick a destination: challenge yourself and find a new place to explore! You’re already spending so much money on a flight, might as well change-up the scenery. None of us have ever been to Charleston, SC. We have heard nothing but amazing things from so many people. Plus, it’s not really the typical place that most college students would go to for “spring break” and we will still right by the beaches.

Save your money: We purchased airfare and our hotel, in a bundle, back in November. Yes, we have been saving for the rest of this trip for a while now. Any trip you take, be sure you’re setting aside money to be prepared to pay for more activities to-do when you get there.

Book your flight: There are so many ways to keep track of flights — Google Flights, Skiplagged, Expedia, etc. We were blessed with such a great deal for the 5 days on our flight and hotel! Packages are normally the best way to go.

Find a place to stay: If you did not book a place with your flight, I always recommend looking at Airbnb’s. I prefer them over hotels because of a full kitchen and there’s way more space. Remember that location of hotels need to be PRIME. We are right in the center of town. This way, we can easily access public transportation and get around!

How to get around: If you do not have a Zipcar  membership to drive around, then I highly suggest Uber. Because we are going to be in a warmer state, we are taking full advantage of the weather and plan to bike around for the most post!

What to pack: If you’re anything like my friends and I, we are for sure taking full advantage of the maximum baggage that can get checked-in. A different city for us means, LOTS of new content!! Pack smart and strategically if you know you need lots of content that needs to be photographed. Also, it helps that we are all similar sizes and can swap and borrow clothes. (Hehe)

Safe travels!

xoxo — Bree

P. S. Get the details to my outfit, here!

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