22 Random Things About Me: Birthday Edition

✮ I am an only child — BUT I have one half-sister, two-step brothers, and a soon-to-be step sister and step brother.

✮ I prefer to sleep in the cold BUT I have to fall asleep some sort of noise – I always turn on Netflix (Friends is usually my go-to show)

✮ I cannot stand to see any red notifications on my phone. I literally go crazy when I see someone has over 1,000+ unread emails

✮ I’d probably win a french fry eating contest, if that were a thing?

✮ I have to get a fresh manicure (no chip) at least once a month

✮ Pet peeve: when suburban people say / put in their bios that they’re from or live in Chicago when they have never lived in Chicago and I know for a fact they live an HOUR outside of the city 😒

✮ My favorite color: blush pink and lavender

✮ I am annoyingly the most organized person you’ll ever know. My closet is color coordinated, planner is marked down to the last detail, everything has a place in my room and apartment

✮ I’m secretly a hopeless romantic. I love being in love BUT also hate being mushy-gushy 🤢

✮ I was born and raised in a Catholic school my entire life. I low-key miss wearing uniforms. I do practice my faith, pray every night before bed, go to mass every Sunday

✮ I have three tattoos

✮ My favorite movie of all time is Devil Wears Prada (honestly, anything Anne Hathaway movie)

✮ I have a girl crush on Blake Lively

✮ I will forever be obsessed with Nick Jonas (Jo Bros fan until I die). I’m pretty sure I have seen Nick Jonas perform LIVE 8 times.. Hahaha. But who’s counting? Yes, I am absolutely going to see the Jonas Brothers when they go back on tour for their reunion

✮ I played club volleyball growing up (position: Libero)! I am really competitive when it comes down to playing sports

✮ Favorite TV shows: Boy Meets World, Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Hills, and Gossip Girl (DUH)

✮ I guess you can say I’m musically inclined. I took singing lessons and choir, did four years of theater, attempted piano for a few years. BUT I hate singing in front of people. LOL

✮ Favorite influencers: With Love From Kat, Josie Sanders, Olivia RinkTezza, Aspyn Ovard, Zoe Laz, That Gem Ruby & Kathleen Post

✮ Fall is my favorite season

✮ I HAVE to write with a felt tip pen. I think this goes with my OCD? I’ve been told that my handwriting looks like a font. I think I just like how neat and satisfying it looks with a sharper looking ink?

✮ I am ready to move to the West or East coast within the next 2-3 years — depending on where my career takes me and what there is to offer. I will be moving back to the suburbs after graduation (we shall see how long I last until I crack and move back to Chicago)!

✮ There is no such thing as dreaming too big. Follow your heart and be sure whatever you choose, makes YOU the happiest version of yourself.

Honestly, I can’t believe how fast the past year has gone by but I am so blessed for another year around the sun. Cheers to many more years of love, adventure, and happiness. ❤️ Let the birthday celebrations begin!? 🥳

location: Sweet Mandy B’s
photo credits: Lauren Nieves

P. S. My laptop will be at the Genius Bar for the rest of the week while I am in Charleston, SC with my girls. I will be taking this week to “unplug” and RELAX. I have so much content drafted for April but until then..ciao for now!

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