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I find it so hard to believe this is my last spring break ever. It sounds silly but in a sense, I am losing some of my “childhood.” My birthday always fell in the months of the spring break season. Spring is a time to remember how beautiful change can be. This much-needed vacation was the perfect time for self-reflection. Reflect on these last few weeks of school, focus on my future career, my relationship with my family and friends and where I stand in faith.

Easter Sunday is just a few weeks away, and I thought it would be very appropriate to share with you guys how I practice my faith. I grew up Catholic — went to Catholic school my entire life, attended mass every Sunday, and was a Kairos leader in high school. I guess you can say I have always been in touch with my faith, but the last four years definitely was the biggest test of my faith. These are the years you start to develop your own habits and beliefs, by yourself.

Both my mom and my dad are Catholic. My family played a huge factor of my faith journey. To be truthful, I am proud to say that I haven’t lost touch with it. I believe that God always has his reasons for the people he placed in and out of your life and the opportunities that come your way.

Back in 2016, I was starting to write more for my blog and was creating content. One day, my mom and I were strolling along the downtown area of the suburb we currently live in, West Dundee. We were taking pictures for my blog and I ran into two girls, who looked like they were doing the same. One of them now is one of my very best friends, Cecilia Pappas.

I always love talking about this story because our friendship literally began from running into each other on the street, doing what we love. After our little run-in, we actually met up for coffee a week later. Well, the rest is history. Cecilia is actually pictured above and was apart of this little girls trip and clicked so well with my friends from school. I would say that Cecilia is actually one of my inspirations in why I think my faith has grown stronger since I left for school. Thankful to have another sister in Christ. It was one of those “right place, right time” moments.

ANYWAYS! Spring break is normally known for college students staying at an all-inclusive beach resort and drinking all day but our spring break was more of an R & R trip, that was much-needed in each of our lives. I was never so excited to catch up on REST. Hands down, this was one of my favorite trips I’ve taken in the states and what better way to celebrate a birthday week than with three of my best girlfriends.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to reflect. I was never a fan of journaling (I know, ironic because I blog every week) but it was so easy to write in the journal. You can use it at any time and anywhere.

Prayer doesn’t always have to be formal or scheduled. Showing the fundamentals of your faith can simply be having a conversation with God, doing a good deed for someone, etc. In fact, every night before we went to sleep, the four of us read devotional as together. Something so beautiful to be able to build a different relationship with your friends, when faith is brought into it.

I write in this journal every Sunday before mass or whenever I have thoughts and prayers to write down. It helps me reflect on my week and write down some special intentions. I had purchased the 6-month journal but Val Marie had just come out with a 12-month journal.

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