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Aside from going to school and interning around to gain some experience towards my career, I have also been working at a spa over the past year. I didn’t realize how much recovery and self-care was crucial to post-workout. Perks of working at a spa is receiving services. I have never been into tanning indoors before until I started working here.

For those of you who are not a fan of UV bed tanning, Mystic Tan is a great alternative to at-home tanning. I’m a sucker for looking sun-kissed all year round. Anytime I am on vacation, you will 100% catch me being in the sun from 11:00 AM until sunset. I absolutely love the sun but you have to remember to take care of your skin while you are under the UV rays.

Protect + Tan is the perfect product for you if you love to be under the sun like I do. It is a 2 in 1 spray that delivers a perfect tan while protecting your skin from sun damage. It helps protect skin against burning, signs of aging and skin cancer while gradually building a perfect tan with each application.

If you can’t / don’t tan under the sun then the Duo Self-Tan will be your best friend! It is the first-ever anti-orange, self tanning duo works together to create a natural, perfect tan. Booster balances the skin’s pH level to counter orange undertone. Mocho-Kyssed Bronzer delivers warm, brown undertones for a classic bronze tan.

For those of you getting ready for prom, graduation and wedding season I highly recommend using Mystic Tan! #MysticTanSpray #MysticTanDuo

photo credits: Meghan McAllister

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