Title: Marketing Intern → Marketing Coordinator
Time Period: May 2019 – Present

Garmentier is the ultimate platform for Styling Professionals. They offer unparalleled technology, tools and resources to independent Personal Shoppers, Stylists and Custom Clothiers. After joining this one-year-old technology start up, I was about to help and create the branding from the start. Garmentier was formally known as Curate Online. Starting with an Instagram and LinkedIn profile, I was able to use my creativity and branding skills to build their story.

The most project heavy part of my internship was assisting and creating a website, using Squarespace, as an extended tool that Stylists could use for their clients. This website is used as a blog and a style inspiration board. TECHSTYLE is an exclusive tool for Garmentiers to use that offers seasonal fashion inspiration, styling guides & provides support to the Garmentier community.