Realizing My Self-Worth


It’s been awhile since I’ve really sat down and written a heartfelt blog post. When I first started to write blog posts, I only imagined doing this part-time aside from working a full-time job from my career. But I really do want to become more serious about my writings and continue to share my content, creativity and thoughts with the world.

After doing some research and working full-time in the social media/marketing industry, I found a new love for being able to dig deeper into the analytics of all these social networks. I found that the most popular post over the last year was my post was A Letter to Those in Their Early Twenties. I seriously appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my posts. 

I’m here to share my personal stories and thoughts that I have learned over the past year about life and about myself. I’d like to think that almost everyone that goes into the new year with a mindset that the new year brings a clean slate and fresh start. I remember going into 2019 thinking, “This is my year of growth and change.” So far it was a huge year of personal and mental growth, transitioning, and soul searching. 

I know that I shouldn’t get ahead of myself because we still have a few months left until 2020. Right after graduation, I had felt like God kept putting me in sticky situations and really testing my patience. My realization and journey of self worth starting occurring more when I began during my summer travels, meeting new people (dating??) and spending some time with myself and my own thoughts (wow, deep lol).

Here’s little bit of my back story. Growing up, I was always a “relationship type” girl. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been single..for a while. I grew up as an only child, so being alone and independent was never an issue. My last relationship was on and off for about four years, I been dating one of my best childhood friend’s. To be completely transparent with you guys, it was the best/worst years of my life. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and you just start to outgrow as people and don’t grow together. Although things didn’t workout, I’ve never been ashamed to tell people that I still have a whole lot of love for this person and it was a huge learning experience about myself.

Just recently, I have been sitting back and riding out the waves. Like I said before, “2019 is my year for growth.” It’s always really hard to get over that “hump” of heartbreak when you’re trying to move on from a past love. I started seeing someone new around February and without saying too much about this person, I can tell you that “casually” seeing someone was another learning lesson about myself and I definitely had to learn hard way. Don’t catch hard feelings for someone you know isn’t ready to be invested in a relationship. I guess this was life trying to slap me in the face in saying it’s not worth being sad/angry over a guy that can barely give you the time of day. 

It starts to get old sometimes when you repeatedly get put in these situations and literally all your friends around you are in a relationship. Ladies, if you are going through this same situation, just remember that you ARE WORTH THE WAIT for that guy (man) who is willing to give you the time of day, open doors for you, respect you, treat you like a QUEEN 👸🏻, etc. 

photo credits: Lauren Nieves

I remember talking to one of my best friend’s, Samantha, not too long ago about “timing” and “transition periods” because she has been going through similar situations. It’s important to remember that when times get tough, remind yourself that good things take time and the best moments come when you least expect it.

The best part about this summer was traveling and meeting new people along the way. These people were the best kind of reminders of what I want in life, what I want/don’t want in a guy and how to be in control of your life by taking out the bad energy to welcome in all the good. I can definitely say that lived it up and had the best summer of my life. Which makes me so excited for what the future holds because there’s way more life ahead of me.  

Μωρό μου, thank you for ending the perfect summer with me and for showing me how every girl should be treated. To my best friends that that constantly support me and my life decisions, thank you for helping me realize NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. To my parents/family, thank you for always going the extra 100 miles and showering me with unconditional love. 



⋆ You have to go through the bad experiences to be able to know what you want and what you DESERVE
⋆ Use any experiences as a learning lesson and MOVE ON
⋆ Never settle — for your job, friends, family, significant other, etc.
⋆ Stop looking/forcing for something to happen, it will come to YOU (best things come at the most unexpected moments)
⋆ It’s okay to make selfish decisions for your own mental health and happiness
⋆ Always remember that you are a BADASS WOMAN (or man) and you deserve the best

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