Escaping A Creative Funk

I am going to be completely transparent in the post. After graduation college, I thought I would be way more excited about writing and creating content for my blog but I ended up feeling the complete opposite. As of lately, I have felt extremely burnt out and writing in my creative outlet has felt like an extra task to add to my to-do list.

After coming back from a much needed vacation from the Philippines, I keep finding myself wanting to ‘escape’ even more. I have been working two jobs and driving a total of 2 hours a day to commute to downtown Chicago from the suburbs. It is exhausting and actually takes so much energy out of me.

I am not here to rant or explain how ‘hard working’ I am. I am here to tell you all how REAL a creative funk and writers block can be. How it’s okay to take a step back from it all. There is no need to force something that you don’t feel passionate about.

When I was in school, I was constantly surrounded by creative individuals. I was so inspired to shoot and was always scouting locations for my next spot. I can honestly say that taking a step back from writing and slowing down my posts from social media have help. So what, my engagement has gone down? Don’t ever feel like you have to post just to get content out there. Post what you love and being real on social media is what sets you aside from others.

I’m not sure if you’re reading this post and have felt the same way. I’m also unsure if I’m writing this for others to feel relatable to this post or if this is reassurance to myself to feel okay. BUT being passionate and authentic in your work is what makes you, YOU.

Here’s to passion, creativity and for a reset on life. A new chapter into this transition we like to call “adulthood.”

photo credits: Lauren Nieves

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