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If you didn’t already know, I am an OCD freak. Growing up, my parents told me that I always loved to help them clean around the house and enjoyed chores. I don’t know what the heck my parents did to train me like that, but I am absolutely still the same to this day. My entire life is organized from my files on my computer, the color coordination of my closet, deleting of spam emails, etc. This post was inspired by the newer Netflix show, Tidying Up. I feel like I used KonMari Way before I even knew about it. I do a solid deep, deep clean of my house and room with my family around the Spring time. Every year I slowly get rid of old papers, items, and clothes that I haven’t used or thought of in a long time. Marie Kondo says, “If doesn’t bring you joy to your life, get rid of it.”

For those of you who struggle with keeping your life together and organized here are some tips that I do to hold myself accountable in life:

✮ PURCHASE A PLANNER: It brings me joy when it’s a new year or new school year and I have to pick out a new planner. I usually get mine from Target (shocker). I am definitely someone who likes to write things down and check things off. I’m also really big into Google Calendar, it’s always good to go overboard when it comes down to reminders.

✮ BEDROOM ORGANIZATION:  Yes, as I mentioned early, my closet is color coordinated. Baby steps to keep a clean room is to actually put your clothes back on your hangers and once your laundry is done, grab it out of the dryer and immediately fold / hang. There is nothing better than fresh and warm clothes. These little habits will develop into bigger and better things.

✮ SET UP A CHORE LIST:  Luckily through my four years of being in school and having roommate, I have had really respectful and clean roommates. Keeping a chore list had helped avoid arguments over who has to take out the trash, clean the dishes, etc. Clean your own dishes and keep the communal area clean.

✮ CHOOSE ONE DAY OUT OF THE MONTH FOR A DEEP CLEAN HOUSE / APARTMENT: After watching Tidying Up on Netflix, I realized how important a clean space to one’s mind. If you don’t see clutter in your workspace, your mind doesn’t clutter. Helping set one day out of the month to thoroughly clean a big space will be beneficial for everyone.

✮ BINS WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND: I have been everywhere in my apartment — my bathroom, cabinets, my closet, etc. This helps keep everything in one place. My electronics, my toiletries, my socks..they all have a home! This makes items easier to find and if you ever move, everything is all packed away.

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