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Ever since I moved back home to the suburbs, I have been doing a great job at budgeting, saving and picking and choosing my battles on when to go out to eat with friends or grab a drink. #firstworldproblems This transition after post grad is a very weird and uncomfortable feeling with my commute, sleeping schedule, etc. The list can go on but something that has drastically changed is my spending habits when it comes down to shopping.

I know, this sounds like an unrealistic problem. I have been struggling posting on my blog/social media lately because I love being able to shoot in new product/clothes. Studying fashion in school and being apart of the industry means updating your wardrobe and keeping up with the trends. Something that I do once or twice a year is go through my closet, if I haven’t worn it in the last 6 months and if I don’t think it will go back in trend it’s going in the donation or second-hand shopping pile.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lauren Nieves

Believe it or not, I prefer online shopping over going to the mall. I hate waiting in line, I hate walking into really big stores and feeling overwhelmed, I hate trying things on… The best part of online shopping is filtering through the online stores and shopping for what you need instead of what you want.


✮ Shop sale. A lot of my closet is from my favorite stores in their clearance/sale section.
✮ Follow fashion bloggers. One of their main tasks for their jobs is to let their audience know when the best sales are happening. Follow them on Instagram and even on their pages!
✮ Download Honey. If you have Google Chrome you can install it as an “app.” Once you are done shopping and ready to check-out online you click the logo and it finds you the best coupons to give you the best discount before you complete your purchase!

online shopping using Honey

✮ Download Rakuten. Formally known as Ebates, almost the same concept as Honey. Unfortunately, you cannot use both Rakuten AND Honey. You have to choose one deal or the other. The only thing with Rakuten, you get cash back for shopping. You receive the money back in your PayPal accounts semi-annually.
✮ Shop with After Pay. This third-party website saved my life but also can be super dangerous if you don’t have any self-control. It’s basically a payment plan service that you hook up to your bank account. My payments are broken up into 4 payments, once a week. Luckily, most of my favorite stores have a partnership with After Pay.


Happy Shopping!

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