How to Shop for Denim


Let’s be honest, we all have a love hate relationship with jeans. As women, our bodies are constantly changes — especially during the college years into your early twenties. This is the curviest I have ever been in my life but also probably the most muscle I have ever carried as well. I was probably a size 0 from when I was 12-years-old to the age of 18-years-old.

Learning to love your curves was tough but also grew on me. I definitely range from a size 2 to 8 in denim. It depends on where I am shopping and what the brand is but if we are talking TTS (true to size) I’m a solid 26 inches around my waist. My waist was never the actual issue for me, once my curves grew my legs / butt grew with me. #thickthighssavelives✌🏻

When you’re shopping for denim my #1 tip for you is: Be in the right mindset and be patient for a jean shopping day. It’s never the same or as satisfactory as “shop til you drop” shopping. and my #2 tip is: DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUMBER. I am 5’2” and range from a size 2 – 8 in jeans. Ignore that number because it will only lower your self esteem. If the jeans look GOOD. GET THEM.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lauren Nieves


✮  Joe’s Jeans – I get my ‘designer’ jeans from Nordstrom Rack if I don’t feel like spending too much money on my jeans. MY SIZE: 26
✮ Good American – Dare I say it, Khloè Kardashian is my hero for this brand. I actually love the Kardashians but I have never fully committed to a pair myself just yet. They are higher up there in price BUT again, if you go to Nordstrom Rack you can get them for half the price. (Tbh, waiting for my next paycheck to purchase) MY SIZE: 26
✮ Abercrombie – They now have a curvy section!! MY SIZE: 2 or 4
✮ Madewell – If you bring in an old pair of jeans you receive $20 off your denim purchase. #sustainablefashion MY SIZE: 26
✮ Zara – HIT OR MISS. I am a fan of jeans with stretch. MY SIZE: 6 or 8

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