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YES! You are reading this right. I added a completely new section to my blog — Content Creation. I want to be able to share this side of my brain and how I market/brand myself as a ‘blogger’ and content creator. If you haven’t already noticed, I am in the transition of re-branding my page. Four years of arts school and lots of  soul searching, helped me find my true niche. I definitely love sharing my creative side with graphics and collages but I also like to keep things clean. 

If you were to ask me what my dream job is, my answer would fall in between the lines of creative director / content creator. I love being ale to use my knowledge and plan out the creative process. SoOooOOo I thought I would share with all of you my steps on how I create my own content. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Esther Oñate

✮ Call-to-action — If I am doing a collaboration with a brand I want to be able to make sure I am promoting the brand in the right with with the right items in my shot. If I am promoting an outfit, I am always asking myself ‘does the location and setting match with the story I am trying to tell?’

✮ Finding inspiration shots — I create a lot of mood boards using Instagram, Pinterest and magazine. Be original. Use these shots as inspiration in terms of color scheme, location, etc. But also remember to BE YOU. Be creative and authentic and make it your own.

✮ Location scouting — Having a car when I lived in Chicago made this so much easier to expand my creativity. This sounds bad but sometimes I would catch myself looking around too much while I was driving. 😂 I never truly drove around to scout locations, my locations I found were usually happy accidents on my drive to work or taking detours. Another great way is to do your research on Google/Instagram if you are looking for a specific setting. 

✮ Timing — With winter approaching that means there is less light during the day. BEST TIPS FOR SHOOTING TIMES:
– Worst times are during lunch hours 11 AM – 1 PM (ish): This is when the sun is at it’s HIGHEST peak. You get the weirdest shadows on yourself in your shots.
– Best times to shoot is during golden hour/sunset: Keep track of this on your weather apps. Make sure you are working with the sun. I love shoot an hour before the sun is about to set.
– Overcast: Some of my favorite work ever was when there was absolutely no sun out. Sometimes it’s hard when you are trying to catch more colors (depends on what you are trying to capture) 

✮ Shooting — Are you shooting with the right people that understands your feed, the story you’re trying to tell, and most importantly…knows your angles?! I usually shoot with the same people. The creative community is SO friendly, don’t be afraid to reach out to other photographers or bloggers. NOTE: If you’re working with photographers make sure you have permission for approval if you can edit their RAW shots and photo credit them. One of my best friend’s shoots my content but we have been working together for so long that she knows I have a specific way of editing my own shots.

✮ Editing — I talk about this with my friends a lot but I feel like editing is 80% that creates a picture. I edit my photos using LightRoom Mobile. It’s way faster and I ended up creating my own Presets on there (debating on selling presets on my website). But I like my work to be clean, vibrant and airy. There are other apps on there but any Adobe software will be the ‘cleanest’ looking .

There are plenty of times where I hit creative funks but it’s important to remember to never force content. If you are in a funk, RIDE IT OUT. I learned in a few seminars to never post, just to post. It shows in your work. My best work usually are happy accidents — Example: Stumbling upon a location you had no idea even existed.

Most importantly, always remember…HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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