YES, the best time of year to start investing into workout clothes. I’ve always been someone who enjoyed staying active and playing sports growing up. I am apart of the #FBG community and do have a fitness account (@fitness_bree). I am so excited to start working with all of the brands I just officially been able to sign collaborations with lately. This year I was finally able to start to working more with clothing brands.

photo credit: Lauren Nieves

Astoria Activewear is a lifestyle brand focused on the promotion of health and fit-focused active-wear. We will always bring you quality active-wear to empower you to reach your goals. Sizing is true-to-size but a big snug in specific leggings. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

2020 is a new year and a new decade — the health/wellness journey all begins with YOU. I have been very up-and-down over the last four years with my workout/eating regime. I definitely notice a different in my energy and my all-over physique when I eat a little bit healthier one week and push a little harder in my workouts another week. I am a firm believe that workout clothes can put your energy in a totally different mindset. So invest in some stable pieces and invest in yourself in the new year!

Astoria Seamless: Sunshine Yellow Sports Bra

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