2020 Vision Board


I cannot believe we are already celebrating a new year and a new decade. I find it really hard to believe how much can happen in one year, let alone TEN. 2019 was filled with A LOT of learning lessons but also A LOT of blessings that came along the way. To be honest with you, being ‘officially’ single during the past year was very eye opening and somewhat ‘refreshing.’ I gained a different sense of independence and personal growth during one of probably the most important year of my life, especially before graduating and starting my career.

I am a firm believer in God, faith and the universe – they all align in some way, shape or form and have all worked in mysterious ways over the last year. This year I have created a vision board. A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goal. My favorite blogger, Marianna Hewitt, had mentioned that she creates one every year during December. So not only did I create a list of ‘resolutions’ but I also created this collage to help manifest and visualize my goals for the upcoming year.


✮ It’s OKAY to say NO to things. You don’t have to spread yourself too thin. This means both WORK and your PERSONAL life.
✮ Put yourself first when it comes down to making any decisions and remember that you can’t please everyone! Every decision, big or small, can create a ripple effect in your life. YOU are in control of your own ‘destiny.’ MANIFEST THE GOOD.
✮ Guys ain’t sh*t. I’ve met some really nice guys and not-so-nice guys over the years and it’s amazing how meeting polar opposite personalities can show you at firsthand HOW YOU SHOULD BE TREATED.
✮ Even when you are in a relationship – manage your time between yourself, friends and family. When you get older you start to realize how spending time with your parents truly means to you. It’s even the little things like going to the nail salon with my mama that make my day.
✮ Traveling the world helps you learn how to humble yourself, immerse yourself in other cultures, and become better at reading a map and following directions. (LOL)
✮ Managing school + work + your social life is 1000% possible. I’ve never hustled so hard in my life until I got to college. When you want it, GET IT.
✮ It’s okay to outgrow people – both friendships and relationships. These people are supposed to cross our paths in our lives but sometimes they aren’t always there to stay for the long ride. Cherish the good times with these people and make it a learning opportunity if it wasn’t always so good.
✮ People’s lives posted on social media don’t always emulate how they are in reality. The last ten years were a crazy change of the internet and social media. If you have gotten mad over something because you saw it on social media – think back and realize how silly that sounds. If you don’t like something you see, take yourself away from the negative energy, maybe even delete your account. I got rid of Twitter years ago and don’t even really use Snapchat anymore. IT’S. JUST. AN. APP.
✮ STOP COMPLAINING SO MUCH. Other people in the world are WAY less fortunate than myself. A friendly reminder to give back when you can and be thankful for the life you were given.


✮ Stop swearing so much
✮ Finish all my books I started in 2019 and never completed (Hahaha, seems small but it’s pretty big..)
✮ Read a devotional and a story from Bible everyday 
✮ Collaborate with fashion brands for my blog
✮ Travel to a new country 
✮ Get better at meal prepping during the week
✮ Help my mom and step-dad find a new town home
✮ Make sure my job meets my career standards
✮ Meet a nice guy 🙂
✮ Go on a girls trip for my 23 birthday
✮ Visit a friend in their new home state (hopefully Colorado or Tennessee)
✮ Stretch every day especially on days I don’t go to the gym 
✮ Try a new kind of workout class
✮ Go on a helicopter tour in downtown Chicago
✮ Go scuba diving when I’m in the Philippines

Wishing you all a year full of happiness & prosperity!

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