Teeth Whitening


With all the bad news happening in our world, I thought I would brighten up your days with a GIVEAWAY. ✨Many of you have asked me in the past on how I keep teeth so white. The answer is Smile Brilliant! Before Smile Brilliant, I was using white strips that were literally making my teeth STING. Smile Brilliant is a dental based company that focuses on teeth whitening – more importantly they assist people with sensitize teeth.

I am pairing up with Smile Brilliant on a giveaway for a Customized Teeth Whitening Kit, all for the value of $200! Each kit comes with molds to create a custom retainer, desensitizing gel and whitening gel. Because I have been doing this for awhile I usually whiten my teeth at least once a month! For your first 2-months I recommend doing it twice a month. If you are being generous with your gels, they should last you for a year.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lauren Nieves

If you are curious to see the before and after posts, please see my past collaboration with them from 2019, here! If you have not signed up already, please ENTER MY GIVEAWAY HERE. ✨ Goodluck loves!

P.S. After the giveaway is completed and you have not been chosen as the winner – please use my code for 15% OFF your order: BREEQUIACHON15. ENJOY!

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