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It’s been a weird month. To be completely transparent, 2020 is off to an eerie start. With the natural disasters in the world, the tragic accident of the Kobe & Gigi Bryant and members of the Mamba team, and COVID-19 that has been kicking our world’s @$$ and has our society in the state of ‘fear’ and discomfort. With only ONE week into quarantine it’s challenging to stay positive and find the learning lesson that our entire country is facing. But for now, it helps put my mind at ease that whoever is listening to the CDC is flattening the curve.

This post is more of a journal entry on what life is like to remember how I celebrated my 23rd birthday – quarantined, cancelled trips, working from home (scared as $Hi+ that our economy is going into a recession) and not to mention worrying if any of my family members or loved ones could get sick at any moment. I have always been a very understanding, rational, and optimistic person but never in my life did I think I would be entering my 23rd year on this earth… anxious and stressed (along with the rest of the world). The past few years I have been faced with some difficult times but 2020 (although we are ONLY 3 DANG MONTHS IN) has opened my eyes and changed my perspective on life.

To my future self (or anyone reading this that is going into their twenties), always remember…

✮ Pray & always thank God for another day.
✮ Learn from your failures and mistakes. There is ALWAYS something good when something bad happens. It’s never worth the stress to dwell over a situation. Own your faults and move forward with your life.
✮ Choose the people you surround yourself with, wisely. YOU ARE WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH. Make sure they are the good ones. Cherish your time with your loved ones: family, friends, significant others, etc.
✮ When things are feeling stressful, take a step back and slow life down. Read a book, put on a face mask, be creative, watch that new tv show, learn a new hobby, go on a walk, etc.
✮ Budget your money wisely when it comes to spending on shopping + spa services vs. necessities! (To be fair, I have been really good about this lately) But it’s okay to “treat yourself” here and there, DON’T ABUSE THAT EXPRESSION. 😉
✮ Always grab a coffee or network with someone that you would like to keep in your circle for potential career opportunity.
✮ Never stop creating: writing, taking photographs, doodling, singing, dancing, etc. Keep the fun creativity in your life ALIVE.
✮ Listen to your gut. Usually when your gut feels off, it’s probably correct.
✮ Show gratitude towards those that bring light in your life.
✮ The answer to most of your problems is probably TIME. Learn to be patient. Breathe. Sit back. Listen to God’s plan for you and stop trying to change His plan. It’s all about right place and the right time.

Thank you to those who have read this and followed along. Cheer’s to another year around the sun. 🌞 At least I can say, I will never forget the year 2020?! LOL. I pray & hope for a speedy recovery for our world, restoring Mother Earth (pollution rates are the lowest they have ever been – YAY) and to gain our normal lives back. I hope you are all doing well during these times. ❤️

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